An alternative frontend for Imgur. Originally based on rimgu.



Comparing rimgo to Imgur.


Tested using Google PageSpeed Insights.

rimgo Imgur
Performance 91 28
Request count 29 340
Resource Size 218 KiB 2,542 KiB
Time to Interactive 1.6s 23.8s


Imgur collects information about your device and uses tracking cookies for advertising, this is mentioned in their privacy policy. Blacklight found 31 trackers and 87 third-party cookies.

See what cookies and trackers Imgur uses and where your data gets sent:


Just replace or with (add stack/ before the media ID for You can setup automatic redirects using LibRedirect (recommended) or Redirector.

Automatically redirect links


Use LibRedirect to automatically redirect Imgur links to rimgo!

GreaseMonkey script

There is a script to redirect Imgur links to rimgo.


You can use the Redirector extension to redirect Imgur links to rimgo with the configuration below:

For Stack Overflow Images:


All images and media are from Imgur. rimgo does not allow uploads or comments. Any issues with content should be reported to Imgur.